Edmonton, Alberta is currently ranked as one of the top investment towns in Canada. Currently, cost it is easier than ever to invest in commercial real estate virtually. However, with summer rapidly approaching, there are more reasons than ever before for commercial property investors to visiting this buzzing hotspot. For many reasons, Edmonton has become a happening hotspot, and not just for its above average commercial real estate returns. Here are five reasons all investors ought to consider a summer trip to Edmonton this summer:

1) Edmonton's Sizzling Entrepreneurial Startup Scene Over the last year, Edmonton has shed its reputation of playing second fiddle to Calgary. It has become an innovative city, leading the way in tech and new business starts. It has also become home to many creative people and artisans. The new Edmonton is a great place for those that want to see what's next before the rest of the world, and to see for themselves the new commerce scene which is set to propel the city to new heights.

2) Tons of Fun There is far more to do and experience in Edmonton, AB than most imagine. The river valley boasts the longest stretch of urban parkland in North America, at 22 times larger than NYC's Central Park. Museums are plentiful, with the Art Gallery of Alberta and Royal Alberta Museum being only two of many. Few may also be aware of Edmonton's reputation a €˜Festival City'. Dragon Boat festivals, raft races, K-Days, rodeos, street artists, and design festivals all offer incredible new experiences.

3) Shopping, Shopping, Shopping This is one of the world's top shopping meccas. Shoppers here spend more per square foot than many retail destinations with far higher rents. New global and luxury brands are constantly moving in and competing for a slice of the action. The West Edmonton Mall is known as one of the largest in the world, while shopping at local shopping plazas puts visitors in touch with what it's really like to live here every day.

4) New Destination, Fresh Inspiration From music, to architecture, to vibrant culture, Edmonton brings something fresh and new, even for the veteran world traveler. Why head off to the same old dull destinations when you can enjoy a true getaway and find inspiration in Edmonton?

5) Investment Opportunities There's no debating the fact that Edmonton is one of the top investment destinations. It is entirely possible to invest in local retail projects and other commercial property developments remotely. Still, making the visit can really help some to see why this city is so attractive to international and Canada wide investors today.  

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