Asset managers are vital to the success of a commercial real estate portfolio. They can be the difference between a great decision and a poor one. Finding a commercial real estate asset management company to help manage holdings in Ontario can be challenging. ReDev Properties has had many years of experience in successfully advising our clients on how to maximize the return on their commercial real estate investment in Canada. Keep reading to find out what it is we do, and why you should work with us.  

What is Real Estate Asset Management?

Real estate asset management typically refers to the process of providing crucial information to partners who wish to include commercial real estate as a part of their portfolio. This includes potential investment opportunities and how to maximize the value of existing assets. Asset management also involves professional advice in terms of buying existing properties versus building new ones, the choice of asset class, (retail, office, multi-use facilities, etc.), and frame working strategies to uncover value from the assets the partner holds.

What Do Real Estate Asset Managers Do?

The role of real estate asset managers is to oversee the financial performance of the commercial real estate assets for their clients. In the simplest of terms, asset managers look to find the best balance between acquiring risk and earning returns from investments, by doing so raising the value of their client&#x27s portfolio. This includes determining an effective lease, management of the properties, reinvesting in capital, balance sheet management, and evaluating development potential. A commercial real estate asset manager must review and consider multiple variables in a portfolio; this extends to the size of an organization, the number and type of assets in the portfolio, capital allocation for real estate, the business goals of the owners, and whether the mandate is internal or outsourced to a third party. A commercial real estate asset manager will often also be involved in the process of investment management. This includes overseeing the performance of the client&#x27s investments has their real estate portfolio. The asset manager will give the client professional advice in terms of what investments to hold long term, which investments should be sold in a shorter timeframe, and which should be acquired. The goal is to make the maximum return on all assets in the portfolio, while lowering the level of risk associated with the investments within the limits made by the client. The asset manager sometimes has limited authorization to engage in the buying and selling of assets on the client’s behalf; this will vary depending on the client. Usually, after some time the manager will be granted more authorization, once the client and manager have built a stronger relationship. The client always has the power to reject the recommendations of the manager and take an alternate action.   The purpose of a commercial real estate asset manager is to advise, consult, and recommend potential opportunities to the client, based on their research and experience. An asset manager can be the difference between a client making a good or a bad decision in terms of real estate investments.

Working With A ReDev Properties Real Estate Asset Manager

At ReDev Properties, our objective is to help our clients achieve their financial goals by investing in and improving the performance of their commercial real estate holdings. This is done by offering our industry experience in commercial real estate asset management. We start by evaluating your goals and needs, determine the ideal solutions, and provide you with recommendations for implementation. This includes analyzing the status of your commercial real estate portfolio, identifying future needs for expanding the potential of your holdings, and backing-up our information and analysis to support the advice we give our clients. Over the years we have had 100% success in increasing the value of our partners&#x27 real estate portfolios.

Call us at (416) 225-5700 for an in-depth discussion about your commercial real estate portfolio and to learn more about how partnering with ReDev Properties can benefit your assets.

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