It&#x27s been an interesting few years in Canada. We&#x27ve seen old real estate strongholds toppled and replaced by new ones. Canada was recently elevated on the world map for financial strength, stability and of course globe topping commercial property investment returns. So what can Canadians expect in 2015? Stabilization Many have found exciting returns in fast moving pockets of the Canadian commercial real estate market and some areas have seen luxury home sales continuously break records. Some analysts are pointing to 2015 as a relatively stable year. A year where the market will continue to heal and balance out, laying the foundation for more growth in years ahead. While others aren&#x27t as convinced and are seeing a downfall in the upcoming year. From either perspective, 2015 is turning out to be a launch-pad year that springs well positioned investors towards their short-term financial goals. As part of this stabilization, stock markets will bounce back, interest rates will being to rise, oil prices will find stability and lenders will become more bullish again. It&#x27s All About Location When it comes to real estate, it&#x27s all about “location, location, location”. Toronto still appears to be walking the high wire. Calgary is seeing a slight drop, while Vancouver remains high on the radar. Edmonton is turning out to be the start for 2015, gaining momentum quickly. Local commercial real estate in Edmonton is gearing up for city revitalization. Far beyond the new arena, the skyline will also be altered with new LRT lines, University of Alberta campuses, luxury hotels, museums and libraries.

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