The surge in mobile devices and mobile internet usage goes far beyond just games and entertainment. In fact, it is currently assisting investors in their quest for profitable commercial real estate businesses. Mobile internet usage is pegged to surpass the desktops this year, if it hasn&#x27t already. Even in mainly off-the-grid regions of Africa and other third world nations, many individuals still have smartphones and access to mobile internet. However, beyond games, apps and social media, mobile devices are now providing a tangible boost to Canadian commercial real estate investors. Regardless of the mobile device, let it be smartphones or tablets, Canadian property investors can now track their portfolios and monitor investment property performances from virtually anywhere and can do it whenever they wish. Mobile technology has made it possible to manage the intricacies of real estate investing from the palms of our hands. Besides accessibility, mobile technology has also directly contributed to the enhanced performance of Canadian retail properties. More and more Canadian retailers are embracing mobile technology in attempts to drive higher consumer traffic to their retail locations. Merchants are now able to measure the behviours of their consumers, helping them optimize their stores through targeted digital promotions, bonding through the digital space and thus increasing brand image and loyalty. This not only helps strengthen the position of investors with Canadian retail properties in their portfolio, it also enhances rental yields and returns.  

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