When the pandemic forced most businesses worldwide to shutter their doors, Birks Group wasn’t the exception. The luxury jewellery retailer temporarily closed all its Maison Birks stores across Canada to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Fast forward several months, and we can now finally revisit all Maison Birks stores, albeit following specific health and safety guidelines.


Gradual Reopening to Ensure Health and Safety

When Birks announced the reopening of Maison Birks stores in Canada, it did so with a strict plan in place. The retailer started gradually opening its doors once again in locations that permitted it.

Following the health and safety guidelines across provinces, Birks Group reopened its stores on a store-by-store basis, ensuring its staff and customers stay safe at all times.

“The health and safety of our employees and guests remain our top priority during these unprecedented times. We have put in place additional measures to provide a safe shopping environment for all,” said Jean-Christophe Bédos, the president and CEO of Birks Group.

The most important of those measures include wearing protective equipment, providing hygiene stations at the stores, and disinfecting jewellery and service areas.

Concierge Service and Online Shopping

Although all 28 Maison Birks stores across Canada were closed until recently, customers could still shop online. Even with the stores open once again, they can always make orders online and have their timepieces and jewellery delivered straight to their door.

A big part of Birks Group is working closely with clients to help them find their perfect timepiece, necklace, ring, and a wealth of other jewellery pieces.

Following the lockdown, the company launched a concierge service in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

The pandemic hasn’t put a stop to celebrations, such as anniversaries and graduations, so Birks made a mission to be there for all its clients. Canadians could make orders by phone or email to get a top-notch concierge service and receive their orders by mail.

Even with all the stores reopened, they can still reach out to Birks by phone to enjoy its luxury concierge service.

New Necklace to Give Back to the Community

As Birks Group started welcoming customers back to its stores; it decided to give back to the community during these challenging times. The company launched a new luxury necklace to lift people’s spirits.

The Birks Rosée Du Matin Ça va bien aller Horizontal Bar Necklace is a 0.19 CT rainbow-inspired piece. It features 17 stones, including tsavorites, rubies, yellow, blue, purple, pink, and orange sapphires. It serves as a reminder that a brighter future is just around the corner.

The necklace isn’t available in all Maison Birks stores, but you can purchase it in the Birks’ online store.


Birks Group has always provided a unique shopping experience, even when its brick-and-mortar stores were closed. The chain of stores reopening allows the retailer to recapture and grow its clientele and even extend its concierge service to ensure in-store health and safety. 

This luxury retailer and others alike have proved that being innovative and creating solutions during challenging times keeps business thriving.

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