Canadians are increasingly recognizing that commercial real estate investments are a must for their portfolios if they are to stay on track to retire, and retire comfortably €¦ Even though Albertans are doing very well financially, and according to national statistics most Canadians are far better off than most of the globe, many simply won&#x27t make it to retire on time or with anything that even comes close to the retirement lifestyle they dreamed of, unless they make some major adjustments quickly. Canadians are enjoying homeownership, fat paychecks, are shopping with confidence and are bullish about being able to become debt free in the next five years. Unfortunately shifting trends keep putting many further behind in their retirement planning and savings. Changing economic factors, new technology and business trends, with rising rates on the way are forcing many to go back to school to retrain or keep credentials relevant, switch careers and start retirement savings all over again. Many are making a fraction of what they really need to set aside a reasonable nest egg for retirement and even those that do free themselves from debt in the next few years still need reliable income streams to see them through, feed them and pay for the lifestyle they want. Many simply won&#x27t make it to a comfortable retirement without commercial real estate investments in their portfolio. Of course not all types of commercial real estate investment are the same, and this is where a lot of the confusion comes in and causes those that need it most to procrastinate. What Canadians should be looking for in a sound and profitable commercial property investment is security, good growth potential, low volatility, hands free professional management and passive income with attractive yields that throw off regular passive income. In summary those that are serious about sound investments and their financial future should be seriously looking at how to incorporate and increase commercial real estate in their portfolios and don&#x27t have the luxury of procrastinating on it too long if they want to see the best benefits.

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