Last week, we started to share ReDev Properties&#x27 top strategies for success. And we continue this week with tips on keeping us focused and on-task. Be Proactive 1. We&#x27re a small company, but we have big plans. Plans that come in every size. We firmly believe a path cannot be successful without a plan and a goal. 2. Don&#x27t be afraid to take on responsibility and letting your colleagues know about it. Keeping open communications with your coworkers and managers will avoid misunderstandings and inefficiencies, but they can also offer help and guidance along the way. 3. Being responsible also means knowing when to push forward, when to take a step back, or when to step away completely. Avoid being the one slowing down the process or simply waiting for others to initiate. Start the momentum and push for movement. But also know your limit and when to say stop. 4. With that, celebrate success. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts. You and your team deserved it. Just don&#x27t celebrate too hard and loose track of other projects. Stay tuned for the last set of strategies next week!  

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