Ready for some good investment news?


If you’ve dared to pick up a newspaper or browse news sites on the web over the last month, you are probably already tired of all the pessimism. There’s plenty to be gloomy about if that’s what you want. Further, if you continue to invest in the same tanking assets for the next 12 months you might have some real reasons to disappointed.




On the other hand, there are some positive news and opportunities for investing in Canada this year, so if you’re ready to release your inner optimist and reap the rewards.


Valuable Lessons Learned in 2018

You may have learned some hard but valuable lessons in 2018. Not heeding the warnings about the stock market and housing or acting fast enough might have been painful. Your financial statements may be a bigger reminder of that. On the bright side your tax assessments may be going down, so use it as motivation to outperform last year. Charge forward to take action and shake up your portfolio.


Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The outlook for the global economy might be cloudy. Especially for China and North America. Apple’s latest downgrade in forecasts says a lot about it. Yet, you can make a plan to bundle and protect your wealth in direct investments, like solid brick and mortar assets in Canada that produce income. Review your options and consider taking advantage of the opportunities, security and yields in commercial real estate instead of homes and condos.


There’s a Rainbow Out There Somewhere

When it rains, there’s always a rainbow out there somewhere. Just as when one part of the economy or investment landscape isn’t looking so pretty, there’s another sector that is benefiting from it and growing. Right now, forecasts still call for increasing consumer spending, much of which will go to local shopping plazas. These retail properties often perform even better during these times. Especially if they have the right tenants.



Be confident, invest boldly in assets that really make sense right now, and enjoy safety and the best performance by optimizing your portfolio now. There are lots of reasons to be positive about investing in Canada this year, even if that requires making some changes to your investment strategies and the assets you’re holding.


Ready for a change? Check out what ReDev Properties Group has been investing in, and the assets it uses to help Canadian investors protect and grow their wealth in good and tough times.

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