Photo Credit: Jeff Werner Why choose to live or invest in Edmonton, Alberta today? Of course you don&#x27t have to move to Edmonton to invest in real estate here, but there are a lot of positive reasons why you may want to do so. Plus, what makes a great place to live is normally a good indicator of the future performance of local real estate. So let&#x27s look at nine great reasons to live and invest in Edmonton, Canada €¦ 1. A Vibrant Young City Edmonton might be a rich and historic city, but it is also undergoing significant revitalization making it a young, vibrant and enjoyable city that you&#x27ll love to visit and hate to leave. 2. Jobs With an incredibly low unemployment rate, Edmonton makes a great destination for those seeking work and a smart place to be if you ever need to switch jobs or careers in the future. 3. Limitless Things to Do Edmonton is packed with things to do. Whether you enjoy the arts, history or the outdoors, there is plenty to explore. Of course there is a buzzing nightlife scene for those that hate going to bed early, and earning the nickname €˜Festival City&#x27 there are many events to take in from dance to food, rodeos and plays. 4. A Booming Economic Hub This booming economic center is an ideal spot if you&#x27re looking to start or grow your own business. The lifestyle and the amenities that are available only keep getting better. 5. Affordability When it comes to looking for housing, new residents will find Edmonton to be much more affordable compared to other major Canadian cities that offer similar conveniences. 6. Globe Topping Commercial Real Estate Returns Edmonton boasts high double digit commercial real estate returns and   is on the verge of emerging as not only the most profitable hotspot in Canada, but in much of the world as well. 7. Shopping Edmontonians love to shop. The city boasts the largest mall in North America and continues to attract top brands from around the world. This is one of the top targets for brands moving into Canada, yields great sales per foot and is an incredible spot for investing in retail property. 8. Value Investing While the growth and income from commercial real estate properties here is on par with the best anywhere else, it&#x27s also commonly cheaper to acquire, providing a safe and profitable location for value investing. 9. Bragging Rights At the moment, investing in Edmonton is considered to be cool and savvy with the resulting returns providing early investors bragging rights among their friends and social circles.

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