The World&#x27s Top Brands Rank Edmonton #1 on Their Lists Over the last couple of years Edmonton, AB has been the primary target of many major brands either planning their initial moves into Canada or expanding. Alberta as a whole boasts some of the best opportunities for all global retailers with high per foot sales figures and a consumer base who loves to shop. The massive West Edmonton Mall recently announced the expansion of the Apple store and arrival of Tag, now retailers Williams-Sonoma and home furnishings store Pottery Barn have announced stores opening here later this year. Tourism Perhaps with the exception of Toronto, Canada has been one of the most neglected and underestimated vacation and tourist destinations on the planet until recently. Holiday makers and adventure travelers are now discovering just how much Alberta has to offer and are increasingly putting it on their must visit lists. From the Rockies to national parks and wild life there is plenty to experience in Alberta. In addition to housing Canada&#x27s largest mall Edmonton also boasts the country&#x27s only Indy race and plenty of cultural and night life activities to enjoy. People want to discover what the entire buzz about Alberta is about and with their home country&#x27s economies continuing to perform poorly many want to stay. Population Growth Alberta&#x27s population is booming. International business professionals are relocating here, tourists are falling in love with all that is on offer and an increasing number of Canadians from the more eastern provinces are moving in to take advantage of jobs, Edmonton&#x27s affordable housing and to move their assets from cities like Vancouver and Toronto which become riskier by the day. All of which is also well balanced out by a healthy birth rate. There are many talk and changes going on at the moment in regards to immigration but it is great that the government recognizes the need to continue to attract talented and skilled individuals who will help to boost Alberta&#x27s economy and keep it strong for years to come.

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